Is this Ralph Lauren Blue Lable jeans ad for real???  Or in the often-heard words of my 15-year-old son, "ARE YOU SERIOUS???"

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Jeans

WHAT are they selling?  a) Anorexia? b) Ridiculously poor Photoshop skills? c) Circus fun house mirrors? d) Bobble head dolls?  e) Distorted self images? 

Does it compel you to wanna run out your door RIGHT!NOW! and buy a pair of their skinny jeans because you think you're gonna look like this?  OR DOES IT MAKE YOU RUN IN THE ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE DIRECTION because *if* you bought a pair you'd look like a cross between Angry Model Girl and Stretch Armstrong?  

Then, again, it is the fashionistas who brought us crack-bearing britches, so what the heck do I know? 

Your thoughts?

HT @PetRescueBarbie on Twitter.

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