, Randy Phillips, and –do you recognize those names?  I wouldn't have until I put their last names together and in the right order:  .

Now do you recognize them?  If you've been even a casual listener of contemporary Christian music over the last 18 years, they should be familiar to you.  "Let My Words Be Few," "Mercy Came Running," "You Are God Alone" are among my favorites.  The truth is I wouldn't have considered myself a fan of theirs, and until I started writing this post, I couldn't have actually named any of their songs (in spite of really, REALLY liking the songs I've referenced).  

This morning as I was channel surfing (our dial ranges from NPR to Rock/Alternative to contemporary Christian), I happened upon an interview with Randy Phillips by our local CC radio station

Fearless by Phillips, Craig & Dean He was absolutely precious.  Humble, gracious, and quite surprised by the out-of-the-ballpark success of their 16-weeks-in-a-row-at-NUMBER-1 single, "Revelation Song," off their August CD release, Fearless.

Sixteen weeks in a row.  Number ONE.  Impressive. 

I didn't know a thing about these guys before listening this morning.  Now?  I'm impressed.  The trio lives in three different cities and music is only their part-time vocation–they each pastor full-time and won't perform Saturday night concerts in order to be "fresh" for their respective congregations Sunday mornings.  Eighteen years of that. 

Eighteen years of arguable success–10 albums, 16 number one radio hits, two million plus records sold and nine Dove Award nominations (their only win on the collaborative effort, My Utmost for His Highest).  I'd say "Revelation Song" is a contender for "Song of the Year".

Listening to Phillips was one of those "" moments. Genuinely excited to see God magnified through their desire to honor Him in worship through song, his enthusiasm and humility would warm the steeliest of unbelievers.  

I hope you'll listen if you haven't heard "Revelation Song"; and if you are familiar, take a few minutes to savor your Savior. 

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