What are the little, almost ignorable things that touch you…that can turn a frown upside down and absolutely make your day? 

It's almost a joke in my home, the teensy things that "bless" me.  {This is more a Southernism than a spiritual blessing, though sometimes they're 'bout one in the same ;).}  Though we smile at my sometimes insanity (getting downright giddy over the neighborhood mushroom explosion from recent Rains of Ark-like Proportion), I'm convinced receiving blessing in the little things does a body good.  

Blueberry muffin with melted butter Recent examples in my sphere?

  • Hot blueberry muffins with butter melting down the sides this morning (the aroma filling the kitchen is bonus!).
  • One of my daughter's best friends wrote ME a love note!  "…hope you're having a swell week…I think your [sic] pretty, and a great role model…"  {Ummm, how much am I loving her right now?}
  • son building with Lincoln Logs My 12-year-old son, home a few days early from Fall break (school closed due to near-20% illness-related absenteeism) just says, "You wanna take a picture of something?  I just built something out of Lincoln Logs and you might wanna take a picture…." {meaning HE wants me to take a picture} {How many times have we thought it was "time" to pass along that old standard building set?  How grateful am I we still have it so he can be a little boy just a little bit longer??}

Now, your turn:  Share something that blesses your heart!  When you tell others, you'll be passing along some wonderful warm fuzzies (which, in turn, will bless the hearts of many! 🙂 ).

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