Julia Child butter cream quote

Christmas-Change-ad * post phoned in because I MISS my blog more than rain loves a just-washed car and I had to at least visit my compose window.  It might seem quiet here at the ol' PENSIEVE, but I've been writing "everywhere else" and tomorrow you'll find me at one of the internet's shiniest new stars, but not in the screamy "I'M-SO-FABULOUS-LOOK-AT-ME!!!" kinda way, more like the quiet and unexpected "um-yeah-I'm-the-God-of-the-Universe-and-I'll-show-up-like-you'd-least-expect" kinda way.  Which probably makes no sense to you–with a healthy dose of annoyance from this wretchedly-constructed, never-ending, run on sentence–but makes perfect sense to me.

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