Any reputable Southerner knows what the title alludes to–hash browns a la Waffle House and the way I like 'em best (scattered = spread on the grill, smothered = with onions).  Those who cut a much wider path than me might like them covered (with cheese), chunked (with diced ham), diced (with
diced tomatoes), peppered (with jalapeño peppers), capped (with
mushrooms), topped (with chili) and all the way (surely you can figure that out on your own). 

Actually, this post has nothing to do with hash browns, though you can thank me for explaining the finer nuances of shredded potato preparation and follow Waffle House on Twitter just in case they come up with any MORE ways of fixin' breakfast potatoes.  

The title has more to do with me wanting to share a few things that are all over the place…"scattered and smothered" just seemed to fit.  Please take note of all:

[1]  Please pray for Anissa Mayhew (and her family), a friend who suffered a massive stroke this week. 

3962141905_edfd0b6166 Anissa is one of those larger than life people, and to meet her is to love her.  That's why it's no surprise to witness the overwhelming response from hundreds? thousands? in her online community.  She's wife to Peter (who's maintaining amazing composure and sharing her story at ) and a mom to three littles.  I can see God at work in and through this sad, tragic circumstance already…and I'm eager to see how He uses this lady to accomplish an unimaginable work.  {Thanks to Dawn for this picture of me and my lovies Arianne and Anissa (far right) from the Type-A Mom Conference in Asheville in September.} 

If you feel a nudging to help, please click the link below to contribute ANY amount to their family, or purchase a local gift card and send it to The Mayhews, 860 Johnson Ferry Road 140-184, Atlanta, GA 30342.

[2]  Need a new computer?  File this under "giveaways too good to be true that ARE true!"

Another friend, Michelle at Scribbit, is giving away an HP Touchsmart 600.  It's a doozie, y'all, with a $1,500+ price tag.  So often I'm skeptical if I see a giveaway for a free computer, but I'm certain Michelle is credible.  Click the image if you're interested…or increase MY odds of winning and don't! feel free to pass on this one if you're insane unimpressed.  Someone's going to win…it might as well be me you!     

HP TouchSmart 600 Giveaway


[3]  Does the commercialization of Christmas frustrate you?  Please visit ChristmasChange and begin "a season of giving, a lifetime of return".  It's a new collaborative site that hopes to seed ideas for you and your family, and gives you a forum for sharing your own.  

[4]  Check out Vanderbilt Wife's "". It'll get you in a readerly frame of mine, it's full of helpful suggestions…and…there's a giveaway at the end.  Seriously, I would love to win the copy of "Charlie and Lola's I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato Pop-Up
" for the title alone. 

[5]  Amazon is ready for Black Friday…they're rolling out deals before we even eat turkey!  If you're hunting for something in particular, they'll probably have what you need, maybe even at the best price available (which is in keeping with spending less and giving more…). 

See? I toldja…scattered, smothered…and extra crispy.  It's the only explanation for a post like this!

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