What is even more thrilling…life affecting…important to me than a blogging conference with 500 of my blogging BFFs and meeting Harry Connick, Jr.

A million children I will never meet.

Last Spring I had the dream-come-true privilege of traveling to Calcutta, India with a team of inspiring writers-turned-Compassion bloggers; our directive, to chronicle our experience meeting the workers and children whose flesh and breath is the life of Compassion International. 

I returned an unashamed Compassion proselytizer because I saw…I heard…I touched the difference it's making in the lives of those cast in its sunshine-filled shadow.

Wealth of spirit conquering poverty of possession

Inner joy leaking out of twinkling eyes and smiley lips….

Hope rising above despair…

Three stories out of many told, but even more never penned.  Just lived.

More stories will be lived-written soon–a new team of bloggers has been tapestried together and in March they'll be headed to Kenya to scribe their experience–and if you listen well and closely, you might just hear the voice of a child calling out to YOUOh, how I hope you listen well!

Compassion Bloggers: Kenya 2010

Pray for them now, then follow bloggers Brad Ruggles, LV Hanson, Kent Schaffer, Ryan Detzel, MckMama and my friend Kristen Welch (We are THAT Family) as they join trip leaders  Chris Giovagnoni, Patricia Jones (shout out to a FANTASTIC roomie!), brilliant photographer Kelly Scott and a modern-day-hero-who'd-be-ticked-at-that-title-if-he-saw-it, Shaun Groves on this adventure to meet the Maasai Tribe beginning March 4 (Follow them all on Twitter here).

Awww, heck–DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE CRYING RIVERS TO invest in the life of child!  Why not sponsor a child TODAYIt is an investment with eternal significance…and I assure you, for just over a dollar a day, you're filling a child's belly which might otherwise swell from hunger, you're supporting a family who's living in conditions you wouldn't subject your family pet to, and when you write, your sponsored child will treasure your letters as one of his or her most prized possessions.

It'll put the "happy" in your new year–and theirs–I promise!


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