Though the news out of Haiti is not good news, I'm heartened to see such quick calls to action from those who can offer help.  Everywhere I look online, social media is being used for good…and though this is widespread and different, it reminds me of how quickly people react when there's pain and suffering (Maddie, Anissa and Shellie come to mind).  From the comfort of our intact home, we can pray.  And if you're willing to sacrifice a Starbucks or two, pour out your love instead of pouring in some glorified, over-priced coffee drink, and use your dollars to make a difference

Trusted organizations are acting quickly to mobilize relief…what I've gathered so far:

Compassion International ~ Can't help it, they're always at the TOP of my list! 

World Vision

American Red Cross

Feel free to add additional venues in comments and I'll update if you can vouch for their credibility.  Thank you. 

Remember…just do SOMETHING…cause something is better than NOTHING!

Photo credit:  MSNBC

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