In the days since I last spoke in this space, it hasn't been quiet.  Inside, my body was attacked by an ugly Creature wreaking intestinal mischief and l was left by the proverbial roadside tired and "less than"……but not near as less than as it felt in the process of spewing and retching. 

 I'm of the opinion if you have to endure the pain and indignity of a stomach virus, you should at least benefit with Rapid Weight Loss thank-yew-very-much, and I'm indignant my scale begs to differ.

On the outside, the weather has been creative, bouncing from Winter to Spring and back again, teasing bulbs into budding and throwing hailish rocks at my window.  My son wanted to go outside in the midst of the storm to touch icy golfballs but my husband assured him he could open the refrigerator and reach into the ice bin for the same result (and stay dry in the process).

I've found it difficult to complain about most things since my trip to India last Spring, and impossible to complain about, well…anything…since the earth shook Haiti to pieces 10 days ago.

Please click NOW to support Haiti relief with your dollars & cents

Shaun Groves and a team of Super Heroes are doing something about Haiti relief.  Something BIG.  And he's going to tell us soon exactly what it is, and all I can do is sneak away from work every so often to refresh his page to see if he's spilled the goods and dropped any names yet.  I suggest you do the same…and let's celebrate HOPE and HELP together.  Soon.

Cause as my friend Shaun suggests, our best selves squirt out when life squeezes hard.

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