Mention "snow" down South and it's the people who start flurrying.  Most of the time it's more about puppet-master weathermen jerking our strings and engineering frenzied trips to the Publix, and you'll have a hard time convincing me they aren't in cahoots with the "Got Milk" people and bread manufacturers of America. 

I wonder if bread and milk really are the most-purchased items at the slightest hint of snow.  I'd wager beer is somewhere at the top of the list unless you're a good Southern Baptist, 'cause we all know they won't be drinking in a snowstorm, or dancing either.  I bet the bad Southern Baptists will, but I KID!  I KID!    

Did I just offend anyone? 


My People in the Tennessee Valley were treated to a SURPRISE snow blast yesterday and EVERY WEATHER PERSON MISSED IT!  Oh, how it blesses my snow-coveting soul when they err on this side of a wintery mix!  Snow chunking from the sky renders me absolutely g.i.d.d.y. and though visual inspection suggests to you I'm a 40-something mother, if you check below skin's surface I am 11 again. 

I pity the mid-Westerner or Northerner who wants to smack me right now.  Every like-minded, snow-deprived Southerner completely understands, is nodding their head, and for the more demonstrative, might've just shouted "Amen!".

However, all was not well yesterday, as is often the case when Southern municipalities are not equipped to handle road conditions.  A friend called about six to tell me the road to her home was closed.  A doctor's visit for her youngest daughter had demanded she take all three of her girls out in the midst of the storm, and she had been trying to get home for over two hours (it should've taken 25 minutes).  I told her to come on, I was in the midst of cooking chili.

Wendy was weary and frazzled and about DONE with the inconvenience of it all–mamas know what I'm talkin' about–and she apologized to me about barging in.

Here's the thing, though.  It's hard to make time for friends.  Work and kids' activities and life demands squeeze out the space to make room for getting together with friends.  Intentions are good but the "tyranny of the urgent" is a greedy beast who devours initiative and energy and hell-paving intent.

In the economy of "Robin World", Wendy's "intrusion" was a welcome one!  We might've not been able to make time, but circumstances arranged it.  Isn't that lovely?

So…they parked at the foot of our steep drive…trudged up a snowy mountain…landed at our back door…and were treated to a grill cheese and chip dinner before roads were clear for them to return home.

They had chocolate eclair for dessert.  Me?

little girl rain boots

I had pink- and lavender-frosted punkin pie!


And a sudden craving to fill my uterus with blue eyes and blond curls.

Hmmmm…guess a good snow can stir up a whole heap of trouble!!


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