While the East Coast is blanketed under Winter's arctic fury, what better way to forget about it than to sing about it?  I woke up humming this tune, and to my mind's ear I sounded just like Zooey Deschanel in her not-at-all provocative shower scene from Elf; oh, how I love her bluesy, richly melodic old school voice.  Elf is one of those movies I like better with every viewing…:)

On the Elf Soundtrack, Zooey shares an impressive duet with Leon RedBone, but I kinda liked the sweetness and naïveté Will Ferrell brings as Buddy the Elf.  Enjoy the clip with a steaming cup of hot chocolate mounded with your choice of whipped cream or marshmallows ~~ 


Want more of the same only different?  Try renditions from:

If you've got a favorite, shout it out!  And if you have any fun(ny) stories about how you're staying warm, do tell :).

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