The Inspirational Writing Workshop at Blissdom remains a warmfuzzymemory for me; Hallmark cardwriters Sarah Mueller and Molly Wigand joined bloggers Casey Mullins and Stephanie Precourt for an inspiration-filled session.  It's apparent they love what they do and their hearts lead their writing.  That connects with their readers, whether it's a 30-word card or a 300-word post.  

Later, Sarah Kolell with Hallmark Cards and Fleishman-Hillard's PR team, Liz Hawks and Amy Smith, hosted a booth where conferees could wander through the new kids card collection, and share feedback with creators Sarah M. or Molly.  I had the privilege of doing so with Sarah, and while I had FUN in the process, now I'm cringing just a little–a) I do NOT like my left profile (and now I understand what actors prefer a "side"!), and b) my eyebrows are really, REALLY wiggly and dark, and the left one is higher than the right!  Plus, I have the crazy eyes.  Plus, I never knew how animated I am when I speak…people who know me, AM I ALWAYS THIS EXPRESSIVE???

In hindsight, I'm wondering if Hallmark wanted to hear this much opinion 'cause I was shoveling them like a thoroughbred stall tender.  

I hope you'll watch til at least the four-minute mark; there, you'll find my video is educational…you'll learn what in THE world a "lenticular" is!

Thanks to Hallmark for their imaginative, interactive sponsorship of Blissdom!  For more blogger videos, check out their youtube page.

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