I'm a multi-tasker, in life and online.  This explains the 51 tabs I've got open at this moment, three in Safari and 48 in Firefox (clearly I'm partial to foxes-on-fire as opposed to elephants-in-the-Bush).  It also explains how I'm currently running a load of dishes, washing a load of laundry, drying another, listening to (and smelling) the bubbling of chicken stewing atop my stove, while the toilets are sitting with cleaner around their rims, waiting for me to come swish 'em.  

If you're a mother and a blogger, CAN-I-GET-A-WITNESS?  Oh, and I should've added "a good (or bad) Southern Baptist" before I started asking for witnesses of any sort, so forgive me, I'm a little brain-drained from a certain p.r.o.j.e.c.t. I'm workin' on, the likes of which has caused my brain to explode and fling gray matter into four corners on three occasions (so far), and the Prah-Jeckt is still over three weeks away.

Someone needs to breathe into a brown paper bag, no?

But the 51 tabs–egads! at this second, NOT even including Twitter!–represent my intentions to read–and comment to–many of your posts, and daggum it, I wanna hold onto that dream, okay?  JUST LET ME HOLD ONTO THAT DREAM!!!

Blogger Giveaway Kit Photo  This really is a giveaway announcement post…I JUST NEED TO WIELD A LITTLE DRAMA IN THE PROCESS, so indulge me 90 seconds more, pretty-cherry-topped please?

Unfortunately, out of those stinkin' 51 tabs, one of them is not the Random Integer Generator page I had open for days waiting on me to write my  Winner Post; it must've gotten eaten one of the times I've shut down my computer :(.

The good thing is I DID contact the winner right away OUT OF SHOCK because she's a FUN friend of mine, and I always feel a little sketchy if the Random Integer thingie churns out the number of someone I know.  BUT ON MY HONOR SHE REALLY DID WIN, and I'm unapologetically glad because, when informed of her good fortune, she told me her family makes fun of her for not owning an MP3 player of any sort, and AH-HA this will SHOW THEM!  She'll be the only one who got hers FREE!  

Without further ramblings, I congratulate #112 (I think) Tori Taff; if you aren't reading her blog, Baby Bloomr, you need to check it out; you, too, will see why I adore this exuberant lady.  

Thanks to all of y'all who commented and helped spread the word!  I've got TWO MORE $175 PRIZE PACKS compliments of to giveaway soon, so please check back to see how you can win!

Your turn:  Share examples of your multi-tasking insanity.  Really…I need to hear 'em! 🙂

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