Dangling Carrot, "Carrot hanging from a piece of leather" by Doug Mazell I believe the single-biggest carrot I've ever dangled is yours for the takin':  $2,500!!! 

All you need to do is sprinkle the perfect measure of pixie dust on 1,500 characters–a scant 275 words–and it's yours!

Not many have been brave enough to enter Bedtime Theater's contest to write "Iggy's Next Adventure"…meaning those who do try have a wonderful shot at winning, based on sheer statistics.  

The greater truth is I believe you have it in you!  I've read your blogs; I've thrilled to your past comments; I think you're smarter than the average bear because you're one of my readers ;)!

How many times have I seen a writing contest like Bedtime Theater's, wanted to enter, but then talked myself out of it because there was NO way I could win!  

Of course there's no way I could win, when I didn't even enter!  Silly wabbit!

So…I'm writing to kick you in the behind…spark a fire in your belly…whisper "I-think-you-can-I-THINK-YOU-CAN" because I really, truly THINK YOU CAN!  

Visit Goodnites' Bedtime Theater contest page; get a feel for what they're looking for by reading what a small team of wicked awesome imaginative bloggers (including ME as the penultimate writer!!!) offered as an example.

I promise no toads were licked in the process.  But a few of us might've been highly caffeinated and/or perhaps chocolated. 

As I mentioned in my previous Bedtime Theater post, I've never toyed much with fiction before, but I ended up having a BLAST writing my sample chapter!  And because I'm working "for" Bedtime Theater, I'm ineligible to enter.  Phooey.  

But VERY COOL, the blogger team gets to read and judge entries for the semi-finals (check out the official rules #3!!), and I already KNOW I love the writing of so many of YOU!

Please try.  Submit an entry.  Include your children in creating the story line and JUST…DO IT!  

Blogger Giveaway Kit for Bedtime Theater Giveaway To reward those of you who are willing to write an entry, let me know you've submitted one in comments; I'll choose from among them for my next $175 giveaway!   Include a line from your story to pique our curiosity, or maybe even the title.  Remember what's at stake?  An iPod shuffle, $25 iTunes giftcard, speakers, snuggle blanket and more!

Deadline for entry is March 19th at midnight.  

A huge thanks to those of you who are willing to Stumble, Tweet, Kirtsy, Facebook or share this giveaway post with YOUR readers!  

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