You know how you can talk about your brother, but Nellie-bar-the-door if anyone else does 'cause you're gonna have to put a hurtin' on 'em?  That's how I feel about my Southern brethren…and sisteren, I suppose.

"Flustrated" is a word I've heard many a country boy use bless their hearts when they're…well…frustrated, and though the Word Police in me wants to inform them of their linguistic transgression, I know better.  The same way I know it does NO good to tell an adult–Southern or otherwise–that "irregardless" is not (and never has been) a word.  

Fingernails screech across the board and I'm done with it.

Funny, though…this week I am now embracing the word….

Flustrated.  I. am. flustrated!

I've been juggling thorny-clawed-cats and blistering fireballs and razor-edged knives while running in headless-chicken circles; which taught me experiencially the definition of flustrated, which is surprisingly different from frustrated.  

Mea culpa, Country Boyz.  My bad.


I'm workin' on a Big Event which is requiring my time and full attention during the day, and blogging is taking a back seat–no, a TRUNK seat!–to that, especially when you throw in the ol' family with it.  Please note, I'm not complainin', I'm just explainin' why I'm not writing much lately.  

WHICH IS DINGDANG FLUSTRATING WHEN YOU HAVE  and CLIFFHANGERS HANGING and VERY IMPORTANT  and $ TO SHARE and to complete and a lot of THANK YOUS to extend to other bloggers!!!

The cool thing is I'm missin' writing more 'n chocolate (but just less than coffee) which feels good!  My uber-secret Big Event will done at the end of the month, but until then thanks for remembering to visit Chez Pensieve.  I will post, it'll just be sporadic.   

To thank you for stickin' around, enjoy this mind-blowing video (borrowed from Baby Bloomr).  I cannot imagine the set up for it or thinkin' it up in the first place! While you might be tempted to stop watching before it's over, the conclusion will make you glad you stuck around.  


{p.s. I'm really fine but I've had a few "concerned about you" emails

so I figured I'd explain :)…thank YOU to those who were

sweet enough to ASK!! xo}

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