Giving birth to two sons was tantamount to delivering comedians.  Both boys live for the laughs.  Victory is particularly delicious when I'm rolling on the floor or tears sprinkle my giggles.  Those are their proudest moments.

Perhaps the funniest moments are the unintended ones, when they have no idea how funny they are!  My youngest seems to have more of these than his older brother, but sometimes he doesn't appreciate my response.

Take our recent "educational" conversation about the gender of planets:

Stephen:  "Saturn is definitely a girl planet."

Me:  "R-e-e-ally?  Why's that?"

Stephen (incredulous he needs to explain his logic):  "It just SOUNDS like a girl."

He continues:  "But Venus…Venus is definitely a boy."

Everyone, but my son apparently, knows Venus is the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility, and I'm confused at how he could possibly think it sounds like a boy.  But then it hits me–

Me (thinking my powers of deduction border on brilliance and/or I'm now channeling the mind of a 12-year-old male who appreciates the art of bathroom humor):  "Ooooh…because Venus rhymes with penis?!" 

Stephen:  "Great, Mom.  Thanks for putting perverted thoughts in my head…."




I never did find out why Venus sounds like a boy planet, but I thought it best just to walk away before I planted any more seeds of perversion.  

Your turn:  Jump in the boat with me!  Share your kids' funniest moments or how you've misinterpreted something they told you :).   made a mint off of these jewels!! 

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