In order:

Crystal Bowersox ~ Consistent, authentic, effortless, an always-delight.  Plus she pulls off the dreads like few white women could; heck I couldn't even pull off BRAIDS!

Siobhan Magnus ~ Man, I want her to take on Streisand!  Drama Queen, enigmatic, a curiosity who can stop shows with a single note.  A very long, impressive single note.

Lee Dewyze ~ In spite of wanting to teach him a thing or two about posture–STAND UP, LEE, STAND!UP!!–I love his voice when he's on pitch.  I hope he plays back tonight's comments and HEARS them.  And believes them.

Andrew Garcia ~ He had me at "Straight Up" (along with everyone else).  I KNOW he's got it in him, so I'm wagering he begins choosing better songs and interpreting them with the genius we've already seen and heard.

Forget about basketball–MY March Madness is all about American Idol.

Your turn:  Willing to go out on a limb and share YOUR final four & why?  There are a few I hate leaving out and I wonder if they're you're favorites.  Do tell!  

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