When I was contacted by GoodNites to partner with them to introduce Bedtime Theater and encourage participation in writing "Iggy's Next Adventure", I was reluctant to sign on since I haven't personally dealt with bedwetting.  But here's the thing:  a) it wasn't a product endorsement but an encouragement in parent-child interaction AND b) so many of my friends have had to deal with bedwetting issues, I wanted to share great resources and information from GoodNites' comprehensive site.

Let's face it, parenting is not for cowards!  It DOES take a village to raise our children because of the issues facing us!!  We need support and ideas from those we trust and who've "been there, done that".  Taking on the terrible twos and potty training weren't nearly as menacing because friends and family offered great advice and support.

I'm impressed with the substantive content on GoodNites' site:

  • The NiteLite Panel, a group of medical and parenting experts who offer sound tips and practiced insight;
  • Bedwetting causes and treatments;
  • A Discussion Board which allows you opportunity to enter conversation and offer support about the challenges you're facing;
  • Fantastic ideas & activities to incorporate into your child's nighttime routine {including listening to Iggy's Adventuresand writing your own chapter to enter and potentially win $2,500–plus more in weekly prizes!};
  • Plus, so much MORE.

HURRY!  You've got til April 15 to submit your entry for Iggy's Next Adventure (if you have writer's block or are curious about where to begin, read mine and other bloggers' to see how EASY it is!).   

Bedtime Theater Blogger Giveaway Kit Photo To celebrate all of us overcoming the obstacles that threaten defeat, how about another $175 Bedtime Theater giveaway?!  To enter to win the prize pack (including an iPod Shuffle, $25 iTunes giftcard, snuggle blanket, speakers, carry-all bag & MORE), simply answer one of these two questions:

1.  Why do you want to win?


2.  Pick one of the Bedtime Theater themes (independence, control, confrontation, victory, discovery, friendship, overcoming an obstacle, celebration, revenge, social acceptance, out of control, frustration) and tell me how it relates to your everyday family life.  

After you comment your answer, earn additional entries for a random draw by completing as many of the following as you'd like, each commented separately please.

  • Answering the "other" question above
  • Subscribing to PENSIEVE in a reader, by email and/or by following @PensieveRobin on Twitter
  • Tweeting this post
  • Linking to it from your blog in a post
  • Facebooking a link to this post
  • Kirtsying, Stumbling or social media-ing this post however you like
  • Double points for submitting an "Iggy's Next Adventure" contest entry!!

There's no pressure, just be sure to comment each entry separately!  Deadline for entry is midnight, April 15, 2010.

CONGRATULATIONS to Milcah for winning my previous Bedtime Theater giveaway!


 {Thanks to Goodnites for including me as one of their Bedtime Theater bloggers.  Kudos to them for a creative approach to partnering with writers and building a multi-layered campaign!} 

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