Heart To the unacquainted, it seemed like an innocent enough question:  "Mom, have you heard of 'kisses from Katie'?"

But I saw something–her eyes danced, a fleeting twirl of mystery and expectation and satisfaction; she was already calculating my response.  

Knowing her question was loaded, I tossed a non-chalant "Nope, what is it?" in her direction.  A casual reply, sniffing her bait yet not quite hooked.  

Delusions of a mother whose kid knows her well.  

"Just google it," she urges.  "You'll know when you find it."

Her veiled expression, simultaneously playful and serious, suggested I stop what I was doing and immediately begin the search; laced between the lines, invisible words hung in the
air–feathery dust illuminated by a drop of golden sun.

* * * * * *

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