Your children need your presence more than your presents.
~Jesse Jackson 

You will always be your child's favorite toy.
~Vicki Lansky, Trouble-Free Travel with Children

Kids spell love T-I-M-E.
~John Crudele

Today I had a phone conversation with one of my favorite lovies, a teacher and mom to three children younger than my own.  We haven't seen each other in ages though we live just miles away, and after I hung up, I realized "she's" exactly the type person I had in mind when I planned this post.  She, like I, all too often bow to the idol of "Busy"…and life can feel out of control.

Isn't it a good thing, though, to encourage children to try new sports, expose them to a variety of activities, and nurture their creativity?  Of course the answer is "yes" but moderation is often easier said than done.

The potential for a
parent-child disconnect is all too real and much too easy.
  Near-endless entertainment and activity
choices (all good) can suck you into the Too Busy vortex before you even realize what’s
happening.  Children are
over-scheduled, parents are worn into a weary frenzy, and perhaps the saddest
consequence is families are disengaging without realizing it.  Bedtime can be one of the most
exhausting times of day because everyone is already tired, particularly if your children's age dictates that your bathe and dress them and brush their teeth! 

This is exactly why I was drawn to —it’s a
call to intentional parenting with the goal of nurturing the parent-child bond
and creating a smooth transition from the busyness of day to the calm of
Catching a nightly episode
of  “Iggy’s Adventures”  stimulates imagination and encourages
good listening skills; plus it's an easy activity parents can do with their children!  

You'll actually feel yourself gaining control :).

I've enjoyed because I've learned there ARE companies who are going the extra mile with their customers, providing them value in return for their loyalty to the brand.  If you haven't visited the site–regardless of your child's bedwetting issues, you should take two minutes to see what I mean.  There's an entire community of parents who are facing issues similar to your own and resources you can trust.

Thanks to all of you who've taken commented to my giveaway posts, I wish I could award a prize to all of you (especially to those of you with multiple entries!!!)!  Congratulations to the winner of my last giveaway, Sara Sophia, chosen because of her SEVEN entries for the giveaway, including a submission for Bedtime Theater's contest to write Iggy's Next Adventure!!  (When I clicked just now to get her blog link, I realized she's had a rough week :(.  I hope this news brings CHEER!)

I can't wait to read the finalists' chapters…I wonder if any of YOU made the cut!

Your turn:  Have you taken time during this series of posts to check out the GoodNites/Bedtime Theater site?  If so, do you mind sharing any thoughts in comments??  (I wasn't asked to do that but I'm genuinely interested!)

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