4345395859_a4817bf02e_o Every Spring, Janice & Susan from 5 Minutes for Mom host the Ultimate Blog Party, a week-long blogging tradition designed to encourage "meaningful friendships that grow out of sharing who we are and getting to know one another."  Because over 2000 bloggers participated last year, I'll keep my post short & sweet.

{{Updated:  I deleted most of this post since y'all weren't reading it anyway 😉 }}

1)  My name is Robin and I've been blogging as "PENSIEVE" since 2005.

2) The most amazing experience of my blogging tenure was traveling to Calcutta, India with a team of bloggers for Compassion International.

3)  I most definitely believe every girl needs a Princess Dress (and it should be named) and the most wonderful emotion is laughter through tears and visa versa.

4)  My writing covers faith, Southern living, marriage, parenting, aging, poetry, recipes–usually with humor woven in–and I LOVE photography and making up new words.  

5)  If you subscribe in a reader or by email and/or become a new follower on Twitter, would you let me know?  I know you're busy this week reading UBP posts, but it always means a lot when newbies stick around (& "oldies-but-goodes" smack me upside the head and ask where I've been!) :).

6)  Oh, and one party tip that might be helpful:  whatever your number is when you register with Mr. Linky, let the last digit determine the blogs you visit (i.e., if your number is 124, visit all blogs whose Linky number ends in "4").  This is a small way more blogs might be visited–you won't be hitting the first 20 (or 100 or 1000!) and wearing out so soon!

It's not part of the UBP but I also have a if you're interested!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

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