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End of school activities and demands from work and life have kept  writing to a minimum these days, so why in the world would I agree to write a post for Social Spark?  It's simple math, really:

3 teenagers + free pizza = Mama doesn't have to cook (priceless)!

I decline most paid post opportunities but this one popped in my inbox at the perfect time, and I'm immensely relieved thrilled to be able to offer not only a gushingly positive evaluation, but to have discovered a store-bought pizza I love.

Freschetta Pizzas (especially the FlatBreads).  

DSC_0003 It makes me wish your computer screen had scratch and sniff capability so you could smell its Italiany deliciousness; it lured my kids from their rooms like night crawlers teasing basses of all fish-mouth sizes. 

The only problem was we didn't eat the pizza, we inhaled it!  Does that mean the calories don't count?

Freschetta made this a fun experience, sending us a kit with free pizza coupons, a pizza stone, a large oven mitt and a pizza cutter.  Funny to me, but my kids wanted to use everything (so they did…).  

My oldest son, Thomas, and his friend Alex were my first guinea pigs; their choice was a Pepperoni Duo PizzAmoré®This was a near-midnight snack for them, and let's just say they were so silly about it, my pictures aren't exactly what I was going for–

Teen boys & Freschetta Pizza
Teen boys eating pizza   

The combination of spicy and mild pepperonis, garlic, oregano and basil seasonings, and a breadcrumb-dusted crust, makes this choice a gold standard for store-bought pizzas.

My favorite pizza surprised me, though:  The 5-cheese (mozzarella, asiago, romano, parmesan and provolone) Flatbread.  Oh, my…a crispy, wafer thin crust, slightly sweet tomato sauce, and superb blend of seasonings, it takes "cheese pizza" to a whole new stratosphere?  pizzasphere??!  I've been looking for "this" pizza for years and I find it in a $5 store-bought?  Who knew?

[This is where I should tell you I took lots of pictures of my daughter and youngest son sampling the pizza, BUT MY DAUGHTER TOOK THAT MEMORY CARD OUT OF THE CAMERA AND IT'S 8 HOURS FROM WHERE I AM NOW…just one of the reasons .]

Now, having tried the anything-but-plain 5-Cheese Flatbread, I'm wildly curious about the Roasted Garlic & Spinach and Zesty Italian. 

Oh, and also included in my pizza kit was a few coupons to give away.  Normally, I'd give them to a blog reader, but since the expiration date is Monday, there isn't enough time to mail them.  Instead, I had fun walking up to a total stranger and beginning a conversation with, "Excuse me, do y'all like pizza?" and from that point prattled on about being a blogger, having free coupons, needing to give them away, and oh,

Janice was an absolute cool mom (and I'm certain would never ) and she let Rachel and Sydney pick out a few Freschetta pizzas for their family.  Aren't they darling?

I don't have free for you, but help yourself to a $1 off coupon; Freschetta Pizzas are reasonably priced to begin with, and if you're already a pizza fan but have never tried them, you'll be thanking me later.

Hey, I think I WILL host a little giveaway!  If you wanna win Something-Yet-to-Be-Determined and are brave enough to enter a Mystery Giveaway of Undeclared Value, do any or all of the following and let me know in comments:

Giveaway ends 6/1/10; continental U.S. only please.

This could be fun….

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