If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know I'm a mom of three teens who loves them fiercely and intentionally.  I'm heartened they're turning out to be lovely human beings who most any adult wouldn't mind having around, and though I can take credit for only a portion of this, I'm ever-thankful for God's graciousness in entrusting them to my care.

Healing_heart_by_rude_and_reckless This morning I don't want to sell them to the circus, I'd gladly pay Barnum & Bailey to take them off my hands.

The particulars aren't important, it's just a rough mama moment that I'm sure is refining me or them or some Great And Noble Purpose In Light Of Eternity.  I swear I haven't been praying for patience….


I have the occasion to visit with my in-laws, precious people who know me well and love me fiercely and intentionally, and I admitted my frustration and struggle today.

While I'm working on a post I agreed to write, my father-in-law popped in to chat a minute.  He turned to walk out the door, then stopped, faced me and said, "By the way, you look beautiful this morning."

With a thundery disposition and Clint Eastwood eyes, I replied, "Well, I don't feel beautiful…I feel like killin' someone…." and just as quick Tommy says, "Well, you might accomplish that, but not the way you mean…"




And with that and a hug, my eyes began watering my face and the sun began to thaw my angry, frozen heart.

A compliment, well-timed and sincere, is day-changing and difference-making. 

Give someone who needs one a deliberate word of encouragement today.  And if you need one?  I think you're pretty awesome and don't believe for a second you're reading this is by accident.


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