Melting clock by Dali Chronicled fours years ago as my siblings and I watched my father's slow-motion, heart-breaking end-of-life, this poem stands as one of the most important pieces I've ever penned.  As my heart bleeds words in witness of painful circumstance, I never let go of hope.  

Be encouraged.  For those struggling with parent-child role reversal and the indignity, difficulty and grief it brings…you can trust in the hope Christ offers.  





Flesh and bone
Heart still beating
Only motion
Breathing, eating.
Prison cruel
A living dead

Mocking laughter
Fill my head.

Revolving faces
Known or not.
Doesn’t matter:
Cold or hot.
Day or week or month or year
Time suspended.
Left, much fear.

Coherent thought
Now eluding.
Takes its place
Thought deluding
Monsters lurk at every door.
Mind held captive, wanting more.

Always looping, endless reel
Flashbacks true? Are they real?
Footing, sure or steady—Either!
Mind or body, I have neither
Sons and daughters
Are they mine?
Once familiar, now benign.

Time for bed or time for tea
DOES NOT MATTER, can’t you see?
Broken bones one day will mend
Broken minds do not end.
Paranoia. Panic. Dreams.
Nothing ever as it seems.

Holding pattern. Purgatory.
Agonizing end of story.
Regret and sin, confession weeps.
Forgiveness…please? My soul to keep.
Child-like prayers, can You hear?
Silent screams in Spirit’s ear.

Tender Peace
Invade his soul.
Loving God, make him whole.
Glory’s touch. Eternal light.
Radiance, diffuse this night

Balm the heart. Salve the pain
Lose this world and You he'll gain.
Forever healed, end of strife 
Truth, a person, kiss of life. 

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