Elmer's Bag-it-Forward Logo Giveaway:  $50 Walmart Card

Sponsored by:  Elmer's Bag it Forward
Blog Hop '10 event sponsor

Entry deadline:  Friday, August 12 @ 11:59 EST.  Giveaway is open to domestic and international participants.

This is the only Blog Hop '10 giveaway open to bloggers AND those who have Facebook pages (the rest are for bloggers only :)).  Why?  Because I want to do whatever I can to help Adopt-a-Classroom reach the maximum $10,000 contribution Elmer's has pledged!

Requirements for entry:

  1. You must have Blog Hop '10 displayed on your blog's sidebar and/or post, or for Facebook users, link to the Blog Hop FAQs post.
  2. Participate in the Bag it Forward charity meme!  It's that simple!  

Additional tips:

  • Memes (also called "tagging) used to be VERY popular among bloggers; they were a cyber version of the game "Tag."  In a nutshell, in a post/status update you "tag" other bloggers/Facebook friends by linking to them and ask them to do the same thing you're doing; in this case, it's "giving" a virtual bag of school supplies.  (This represents what Elmer's wants to do for Adopt-a-Classroom).
  • You can "give" as many virtual bags as you want ("tag" as many bloggers/friends that you'd like) so hopefully all of your "recipients" will also write a post/update and tag even more people!
  • Only one blog post per blog URL/Facebook URL will count towards the donation.  For instance, if you have a blog and a Facebook page, if you post your Bag it Forward both places, you can comment twice on the Elmer's page.

What you can comment below:

  1. Your Bag it Forward blog post (must be separate from Blog Hop posts).
  2. Your Bag it Forward Facebook post.
  3. Your Tweet URL if you tweet about your posts or invite others to join Bag it Forward.  Be sure to use this link:  http://bagitforward.org/donate-a-bag/

Let's help Adopt-a-Classroom get that $10K from Elmer's!! 🙂

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