Good gracious–PENSIEVE almost sounds like a travel blog these days!   But school is out, my job is ending, and I'd be crazy not to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities!   When we realized our two oldest were at camp the same week our youngest was invited to the mountains, my husband and I looked at each other and seized the moment–we threw a dart, it landed in Chicago…and a few mouse clicks later, Travelocity was our best friend.  Though I could write a squillion words about our whirl-wind adventure, I'll let a few pictures do (most of) the talking.

Let's start with sculptures & structures ~ 

EYE see you  

EYE sculpture Tony Tasset Chicago 

Slated to open officially today in Pritzker Park, this ocular three-story art-oddity is multi-media artist Tony Tasset's latest vision, commissioned by the Chicago Loop Alliance.  EYE is constructed of interconnected plates made of steel-reinforced fiberglass and I'm certain this is reason kids check under their beds at night.


Agora sculpture Grant Park Chicago
 106 seemingly headless bodies by artist Magdalena Abakanowicz wander around Grant Park.  It felt like a giant cast iron leg forest.

Agora foot close-up Chicago's Grant Park
**Someone** needs a pedicure…!


Family Sculpture in front of American Dental Association in Chicago
  American Dental Association Headquarters.  Chicago native Joseph J. O'Connell was commissioned by the ADA in 1964 to create a sculpture "said to epitomize the family of man and reflect the concern for humankind that is involved in the practice of dentistry."  Daddy weighs in at 8,000 pounds, mama at 5,000 and child is only 3,000; each piece is over twice the height of life-size.  

The Big Noodle

Big Noodle, Navy Pier entrance
 The Big Noodle, Navy Pier.  Try as I might, I could find no information on the Big Noodle; all I know is it looks like a big smiley face, which in turn, put one on my face.  Which I guess means, yes indeed, I do love it.

Children in a Park

Children Playing in Park sculpture, Chicago Navy Pier 

Entrance of Navy Pier.  Pure bronzed whimsey!  I tried to search info on this sculpture and couldn't find the artist or details.  Holla if you know anything!

Dr. Bob Hartley in Session

Dr. Bob Hartley in session sculpture, Chicago Navy Pier entrance (Bob Newhart) 

Entrance of Navy Pier.  Commissioned by TV Land to pay homage to The Bob Newhart Show, set in Chicago.  Two more things:  that cup in the background?  Didn't see it then, bugging the heck outta me now!  The seat was wet so I'm barely sitting on the edge; it was too hot to walk around with the dreaded wetbutt!   

Veteran's Memorial

Veterans Memorial at Soldier Field Chicago 

North end of Soldier's Field overlooking Field Museum.  The front of the memorial honors several branches of the military and their families, and the back includes a John F. Kennedy inscription {"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty."}

JFK inscription on Veterans Memorial, Soldier Field Chicago 


A few more that caught my eye; since I didn't get their names, let's call them Beauty and Beast.  You can decide which is which–

Gorilla statue on the Magnificent Mile 

Found somewhere along The Magnificent Mile, this little fella, about knee-high and all alone, was spotted storefront, but I can't recall where now….  I do recall wondering "Why?"

Statue of woman? In front of Grant Park Her name might be Princess Euphoria, Goddess of Flight or Wonder Woman on a broom.    I found her wandering around the entrance to Grant Park, too.

Got a favorite?  Shout it out!  Or tell me what I missed!

Next in my Chicago photo series, "Taste of Chicago".  
It will be delicious ;).

Love Chi-town and wanna see more NOW?  Check out my Flickr sets here and here!

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