While he was camping for the week with a friend in the North Carolina mountains, my youngest had the audacity to grow taller than me!  For that little stunt I've grounded him til school starts.  I'm not sure if it was tent sleeping, mountain air-breathing or my friend Paige's cookin', but as soon as I saw him and realized I had to look UP to see eye-to-eye? 

Well, Mama wasn't a happy camper.

It goes without sayin' the little buzzard will do anything to get off restriction, so I'm sure that was in the back of his mind when he threw me this sad/little/tired bone:

Me:  "So, were you in Xbox withdrawals all week?"

{My precious –> Gollum = Xbox –> Stephen}

Stephen:  "Well, I really didn't think about it that much.  Maybe once.  

Me, incredulous & skeptical:  "Seriously…?"

Stephen:  "Yeah, I actually missed y'all a LOT more than I missed playing."

S i g h . . . .

Restriction lifted.

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