DSC_1924 Had I known then what I know now, I sure wouldn't have dragged my feet in saying "yes".  

I received an email in June of last year inviting me to consider joining a new website where I would have "the opportunity to write what God lays on [my] heart, encourage other women with [my] story, and be a more relevant voice for Christian women."  It captured my interest but after writing for several on-line venues, I wondered if the benefit would outweigh the cost.

After careful consideration and seeking wisdom, a month later I replied to that email and said "If you'll still have me, I want in!" Thankfully, their arms were open wide.  It has been one of the best blogging/writing decisions I've ever made!  

(in)courage has managed to create an online space for women who follow Christ that isn't preachy, trite or presumptive of all the answers.  We allow for questions, explore faith, admit imperfections, offer advice and encourage relationships.  It's our imaginary beach house with an open invitation to all who would come. 

(in)courage is celebrating its First Anniversary, and because WE feel like we've been gifted all year long with hundreds (thousands?) of wonderful, encouraging readers, we're giving back day after day after DAY!  

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Join our celebration!  If you're a reader, thank you (I'm personally grateful for those of you who've read and commented to my posts…)!  If you've never clicked over, this is the perfect time to meet us! With 30 days of giveaways–ending on the National Day of Encouragement!–you're bound to end up with an (in)courage surcie!

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