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One of the biggest challenges for me as a blogger is justifying expenses related to indulging my blogging {*cough*cough*} cah-reer.  Because we don't have a money tree in our back yard, there's opportunity cost involved when I spend money on design, conferences, etc.  It's also one of the reasons I'll accept payment for sponsored posts if the product or service is in keeping with something I'd talk about anyway and especially if it benefits my readers.  

Like this one for Hampton Hotels…there are DAILY chances for you to win a free weekend stay at any Hampton Hotel during their .  The grand prize is an entire hotel (100 rooms) for the weekend, but they're also giving away 100 visits over the course of the sweepstakes.  The great thing?  Enter once and be qualified for EVERY daily drawing (you don't have to keep trying). 

I've learned this through blogging:  not as many people enter giveaways as you might think!  In this case, you stand a great chance of winning one of the free weekends and potentially an amazing grand prize!

Just think:  you could choose the Hampton Hotel in San Diego and have your room covered for next year's BlogHer conference; or, you and your spouse could plan a romantic getaway at one of their 1,800 locations.  I'd have a rough time choosing one, though…New York, Chicago and Savannah top my list.

If you're a mama, it's important to get away from your kids from time to time.  Winning this would allow you that indulgence without feeling guilty like we're so often prone to do.

But you can't win if you don't enter! !  And if you win?  PLEASE come back here and let me know!  And if you need a friend to go with you…well…I'm finally not scared of flyin' anymore ;).

Your turn:  After you've entered the (because nothing would thrill me more than for a PENSIEVE reader to win one–or TWO–of these trips!), let me know what location you'd choose; who would YOU take with you and why?  I'd love to know!


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