atop Sunset Mountain In conjunction with my niece's 17th birthday, we celebrated Labor Day a bit unconventionally this year:  family repelling.

I was relegated to Official Photographer because I have a slight aversion to jumping off cliffs to certain death  the thought of my butt in a harness is not far from me wearing a thong at the beach they didn't trust me.  After hiking down a 
DSC_0062  craggy, bear-riddled forest path, I remained stationed at the foot of the cliff for most of the day. 

Occasionally, hikers would pass by.  A family of five happened upon my path when their precocious four-year-old looked up to see one of My People spider- manning and bunnyhopping down the mountain.  Eyes sparkling and voice dancing, she hinted "I wish I could do that!"  Her mom answered her un-question, "Not this time, honey."  This was about the time the Little was right in front of me.  

I grinned and feeding her fantasy said, "If you did that (pointing at my kid suspended in mid-air), it would almost be like flying…."

Nodding, the Little explained, "Oh, I've already tried to fly.  I broke my arm."  

Before I could say a word, her mother chimed, "It's true," herding her pack along the way.

As the Little wistfully looked over her shoulder at my rapeller still dangling like an ornament on a Christmas tree sky, she tripped over a rock, fell down and shrieked the way only four-year-olds can.  Her parents scooped her up and brushed off dirt and tears, in a way that suggested this wasn't a daily routine…but more like hourly.  

Something tells me Little Miss and the ER are going to become much too well acquainted over the next few years…. ;).

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