Guatemala-767 Photo Credit: Keely Marie ScottWe are sisters.

Two of us have traveled far from home to be storytellers this week, painting masterpieces with heart and soul-wrenched words punctuated in hope-drizzled tears.  These two have been voice-givers to the silenced, love-bearers to ragamuffins, gospel-livers to the world.  

{in}courage writer-sisters Lisa-Jo and Ann joined Compassion Bloggers Lindsey NoblesShaun Groves, Amanda Jones, Keely Scott and Patricia Jones in Guatemala to witness and bear testimony of the important and life-changing work Compassion International is accomplishing through the local church in each of its projects.  Having accompanied the India Compassion Blogger team last year continues to transform the way I view life; reading about their experiences reminds me yet again to urge you not to wait to act.  Their collection of stories will break your heart into action.  Read.  Then, pleasesponsor a child.  

And while two (in)courage sisters were on a journey to more fully understand our desperate need for HOPE–and not just any hope or wishful thinking but the perfect kind that changes hearts and minds and present and future–13 of us traveled far from home to be encouragers to the body, refreshers of hearts, dreamers of God-sized dreams and cherishers of life.


{l-r  LisaRobinJenAnnieArianneDawnNesterme, StephanieHolleySarah, and Jessica.}

Much more to be said, but…to be continued…:)

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