My dream-job list lends support to my husband's characterization of me:  he says I'm complicated*

  • OPI Color Namer
  • Food stylist 
  • Photo journalist (aren't bloggers amateurs in training?)
  • Sommelier 
  • Sex therapist
  • Sea World dolphin handler
  • Restaurant magnate
  • Specialty candy maker
  • Professional beach reviewer (let's tack on "travel writer" while I'm at it)
  • Greeting card writer (I recently let an opportunity slip through my fingers…:( ) 

Interesting that several of them revolve around food, a fact I'm only just now noticing.  Hmmm….

In any event, based on my fascination with bugs, I clearly should add entomology to the list.  

Take yesterday:  I rescued a GIGANTIC praying mantis dangling upside down in a spider web outside our kitchen window.

praying mantis in spider web

Doesn't he look mad?  Guess I would be, too, if I found myself upside-down in a spider web.  Especially if a potential rescuer found the need to take pictures before, you know, RESCUING ME!

praying mantis

It was hard for me to get a picture with his full body in focus; plus, he wasn't exactly holding still and I was freaking out from his alien-eyed glare.

praying mantis

Are you lookin' at me?  I s a i d, "ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME?!"

Thing is, my entomologist inclination didn't start yesterday; I've been snapping bugs all summer…

spider in web

It's difficult to distinguish here, but the furry spider is sucking out the brains of some unfortunate creature who made the tragic mistake of saying "Okay" when Spidey said, "Step into my parlour…."

Using a different setting and angle, another view–

spider wrapping bug

It was disappointing when a summer storm wreaked havoc on my friend's web; no more spider-cannibal shows for me!

This reminded me of David and Goliath.  I think we know who won that one!

ant and dead beetle

Just once, I would love to see a cicada emerge from its shell!  I always find these guys after they've hatched.

cicada shell

This guy?  He's definitely Japanese film and/or nightmare material.

beetle with pinchers

I've never seen a bee with orange saddle bags before; does anyone know if it's pollen or is that part of his actual legs??

bumble bee on flower

The best thing about photographing bugs?  They're much more cooperative than my children, whose greatest joy is to get a rise out of their mama when she's trying to take a sibling picture!  Go figure…. 🙂

YOUR TURN:  Do you think I'm crazy or can you relate?  Is there something out of the ordinary you like to photograph?  Or…going back to the beginning of my post, what is your dream job?  

* as opposed to High Maintenance.  There IS a difference 😉

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