Chocolate-covered-strawberryHave you had a moment this summer where you stopped to savor the sweetness of life?  Take a minute to think about it….

When asked, I suddenly felt rich because not one, not two, but three sweetly, savorable summer moments immediately came to mind!

  • Amanda and meA new friend has come into my life, the kind of friend who asks me to host a birthday party for her when I hardly know her, and when I do, the crowd she invites brings light and life into my home and heart…and feeds my soul!  She's helping me reclaim who I know myself to be while extending liberty and grace and room and encouragement to grow.
  • The occasion  to see a shower of diamonds.
  • On a day when my heart had been bullied and bruised and the tears wouldn't stop flowing, I was given an extraordinary,  from the One who knows me best.


* * * * * * * * * *

I stumbled across a blogger campaign pitched by One2One Network where they posed that very question in conjunction with Pepperidge Farm's "A Milano Moment."  Though it's rare for me to accept these writing prompts, I liked its premise:   stopping…to savor…life's sweetness.  I'm a girl who actually likes getting caught in the rain, after all.

Once you intentionally consider "sweet moments," an avalanche of memories begins to mound.  Would you mind sharing one or two or three of yours with me in comments?  I'd love to hear!

Pepperidge-Farm-Strawberry-Milano Oh–and don't just share 'em with me; click over to and share your special moments with the entire world wide web!  While you're at it, (chocolate, strawberries…a marriage of two of my greatest loves).

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