Chicago, July 2010.  Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel in Chicago

THANKS to all who helped me make my decision!  At any given moment though, I could have chosen any of them to submit :).




There's a fun photo challenge over at Aiming Low–they're asking us to "get down low and shoot."  Immediately ALL of these pictures started popcorning in my head!  The problem is, I can only submit one…

and I just can't make up my mind.

Will you help me?  Vote for your choice below, and if you're willing, tell me in comments why it's your favorite.  I'd love to know your thoughts!  And if you have a blog or Flickr page, be sure to link your own "Picture outside of the box" photo. Thank you!! 


Ground's Eye view of black & white tiled floor

Colorful Converse Shoes

ant vs cicada shell
Beach umbrella under blue skies, Antigua
Sandy turtle



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