15 Words or Less Poems Her photo prompt, my 15 Words of Less Poem. Quite possibly the oddest combination of words & pictures I've posted to date; I think I shall title this one ~ 


Beware Walmart Shoppers

the absurd

demands attention.

a trainwreck

amuses, entertains, disgusts,

helpless to look away.

retinas blistered.

Photo credit:  See laurasalas.com


This week was a stretch for me; I knew what I wanted to say, but a 15-word-limited can be challenging!  Hopefully, you'll get the gist of it….

Be sure to visit Laura for more "15 words or less poems" or to enter your own!  It's a fast, fun, creative exercise.

Your turn:  As I said, this was a creative, POETIC stretch for me; I kept wanting to CAPTION this.  If any fun(ny) (or otherwise) captions came to your mind, DO SHARE in comments!  Your humorous and/or poignant thoughts will be a delight to all!



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