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Note:  My husband has been off work the past week, we've continued to make college visits with my daughter, and of course, holiday travel entered in.  In other words I haven't read much online, so "Around/About" isn't as chock full (what's a "chock"?) as it has been in past weeks; I even forgot I had pre-scheduled this post before it was finished!!  

Chattanooga's Mainx24 Chattanooga's  Mainx24 ~ A 24-hour festival beginning at 8:00 am December 4–art, dancing, a parade, a mutt strutt, parties, fiesta, shopping, music, biking, food, family, FUN!  If you're within driving distance, do…not…miss this!  Twenty-four hours people!!!

""  This scathing indictment about college football and the BCS makes me wanna punch someone in the face.  If what Austin Murphy & Dan Wetzel is legit (and it seems like they've done their homework in this Sports Illustrated piece), you'll wanna punch someone in the face, too…even if you don't care about football!

Christmas-Change-button Christmas Change is back…but it's not really about Christmas at all (it just begins there). Lovies Amber and Seth lead a collaboration of folks who are sure to inspire and challenge you.

Who knew Harry Potter (aka Daniel Radcliffe) was so cerebral?  Singing "The Elements" by humorist Tom Lehrer, I get the feeling he's rather proud of himself.  If I could actually hear the tune through the mishmash of words, I might be able to learn the Periodic Table myself!

Darlin', darlin', darlin', DARLIN'!!!  My sister-in-law shared this link from Katie Rice and just.like.that. I have a mad crush!  "Run little turkeys…you're gonna diiiiieeee!"



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