Vintage Typewriter "Brilliant!" I concluded in amusement-tinged approval; in imaginary theatre, I rose in ovation.  

I'm a doctor of spin, a marketer to the core, and if you're in business, I can't help myself:  I'm always thinking how you can do better!  When I stumble across an ad campaign, an innovation or an idea bedazzled in clever or smarts or poignance or fun, I tip my hat (and probably mentally pen a letter of congratulations and/or suggestions to the Creative behind the initiative).  

Screen shot 2010-11-18 at 12.09.01 PM Occasionally, however, I'm just dumbfounded (like now). Somehow, some way, Fossil has managed simultaneously to capture my admiration and earn my ridicule.  If you haven't seen it, allow me to introduce you to Fossil Finds (or as I like to call it):

Repurposing meets haute couture.

Sweet mercy, I cannot. Believe.  PEOPLE ARE BUYING THIS STUFF!

Seriously, it is now someone's job to scavenge yard sales and sift thrift stores to bring shoppers the latest and greatest…

old, used clothes (and stuff).

Vintage flannel shirt, Fossil Finds And for this honor, shoppers have to plunk down upwards of $54 for something that probably cost Fossil 54 cents!

It's not that I'm against garage sale finds or thrift store bonanzas–that's bonafide TREASURE HUNTING!  My daughter just scored three dresses, two scarves, a couple of shirts and pants, and a darling pea coat for $70!  What amuses me most is the sense of urgency created with Fossil's product descriptions–

"We only have one for sale."  (That's because you found it at a yard sale and typically PEOPLE DON'T BUY A DOZEN OF THE SAME SHIRT IN A RANGE OF SIZES!)

"Available for a limited time only." (Until you determine the gullibility meter of your customers.)

"This unique item is being sold "as-is" with no warranty. It cannot be returned. Sale is final."  (Interesting…once customers get it home and realize they could've gotten the same thing on Saturday morning for 75 cents, THEY'LL WANT TO RETURN IT SO THEY CAN BUY 75 OF 'EM DOWN THE STREET!)

In store, I've only seen clothing and accessories; I felt like I time traveled to the Partridge Family or Brady Bunch set.  I'm pretty sure I owned the Gunne Sax dress and empire waist top I saw, too.  Online there's more diversity–radios, a cool luggage set (if your name or initials happen to be "A.O.W.N."), a ceramic owl.  Can someone please holla "OUR TRASH IS YOUR TREASURE, SUCKA!!"???

Vintage red party dress, Fossil Finds I am a fan of traditional Fossil style but I wonder how well this newish "line" is selling.  Either way I think there's something you should know about me:

I'm the best kind of friend you could ask for; I'm the one who'll tell you you're naked!


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