Don't let that innocent smile fool you…I'm a girl on a mission.  


It's the day after Thanksgiving and class is in session…


Gun safety from a well-qualified instructor…


And if you do exactly what he tells you…

Robin shooting a .22 pistolCharlie's angel???


It's two thumbs up (you don't wanna know the alternative…!)

two thumbs up!

shotup cardboard body target When we checked closer, we discovered I had obliterated Mr. Target's spine!  Anything outside those two lines were the work of my teenage cohorts I'm sure

Cause, mercy me, I do NOT wanna do anything to disappoint my shooting coach.  Can't you tell?  He. Means. Business.



Of course, if I don't pass his inspection, I suppose I can go back to shootin' the way I usually do…


Either way, it's just good, clean family fun, no?


What about you?  Did you do anything different over the Thanksgiving holiday?  Or, do you have any quirky family traditions?  I'd love to hear in comments!


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