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One of the best personal gift ideas I've stumbled across, re-gifting with a very personal touch.  It makes me wish I was on Patsy Clairmont's gift list!

The Crisis:  Part I.  Spending time and conversation with Kristen taught me a lot of things, like caring about orphans doesn't necessarily mean adoption.  She begins to explore options here in a heart-pricking post.

The Eight Hour Social Media Mommy “Workday” Undone.  Linda Sellers asked a brave question recently, one I've lacked the courage to pose because it steps on toes.  GOOD for her! 

"Give Me 5 Minutes And I’ll Give You The Secrets to 25 Years of Joyful Running!"  S i g h…never have I wanted to believe anything more.  By Randy Elrod, marathon runner and endearing renaissance man.

IMHO, the BEST Stampin' Up demonstrator in the country has a blog where she's sharing her secrets.  Check it out for some wonderfully creative handmade ideas!

Coolio!!  Stephanie's husband is a contender for Yahoo's "How you knew" contest.  Will you help them out by voting for Matt M.?  No registration, it takes all of 10 seconds :).  

One of the few sites I'm intentioned about reading daily–and even with great intention I miss more than I'd like—is Incourage.  Check out today's post by Arianne, a great example of why you should add it to daily reads, too :).

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My favorite post I've written in a long, long time is
…might you be so bold as to share a favorite you've written or stumbled across?  


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