Christmas is the season
for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall,
the genial flame of charity in the heart. 

~Washington Irving


If you're still scrambling for gift ideas, you've found me at just the right time!  

EtaneshOffWhite1-e1292474898371-193x240 The best 20 bucks and change you'll spend all year–A fashionABLE scarf, made by a woman whose life WILL be impacted by your purchase.  The fashionABLE story is compelling, and one that will challenge you during the Christmas Season and beyond.  I'm so thankful to Annie for introducing me to fashionABLE, and for gifting me with a gorgeous scarf of my own!

Goat-small-Compassion-gifts A chicken, a goat or a cow–Compassion International has gifts that mean more than ANYTHING you can put under the tree.  I think it would be adorable to buy a stuffed version of your choice with a note attached explaining it.  

Jesus-is-the-Gift And…just in time for last-minute gift-giving and/or stocking up for next year, DaySpring has started their AFTER-Christmas sale TODAY offering Christmas decor, nativities, calendars and MORE!  Click the image below to receive up to 75% off–they're practically giving stuff away (and if your order is over $50, you're eligible for a FREE shipping upgrade for Next Day Delivery).

Shop Christmas Gifts and Decor at DaySpring


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