300x100YTLeggings Just because I'm not a niche beauty blogger doesn't mean I can't write about it; it's because I didn't already know everything about health and beauty that I agreed to sign on as a writer for Therapon's newly launched site.  Well, that and the company's interest in exploring inner beauty, the foundation for all things external.  

Well it happened again, but instead of writing about beauty, I'm tackling fashion!  

Nobody puts PENSIEVE Baby in a corner!

I can't remember now which came first–a conversation volleyed on Twitter or reading "How to Wear Leggings…If You're Over 40" on BlogHer.  The post piqued my curiosity.   What I recall from our twitversation was a lot of women lacking courage and confidence to wear leggings and Ree Drummond extolling the virtues of Yummie Tummie leggings.  

Using 140 characters or less, Ree introduced me to Yummie Tummie, and because I've developed Yuckie Tummie, I thought they could help me.  So I wrote 'em.  

To my delight, they immediately wrote back!

They offered to send me a pair of leggings in exchange for me writing about 'em, which both thrilled me (a chance to try 'em before I buy 'em!) and made me a little nervous (what if I didn't like 'em?).  

I didn't have to worry long because as soon as I started shimmying them up, I knew they were gonna live up to their billing.  The one negative thing I'll say is IT'S NO FUN TO SHIMMY LEGGINGS up and over calves, thighs, hips and yuckie-tummie, but somehow, remarkably, once you get them on, they're comfortable!  How the heck is that possible?  

I wanted to go out and buy a cute chunky sweater or tunic to wear with them or one of those darling dresses I saw on the BlogHer post, but instead here are a few pictures of options I've already got in my closet–

A fun, long shirt that gets bulky with jeans but slims down with sleek leggings underneath.  Black boots extend a nice, slimming line…right?



I stole this dress from my daughter's closet, and I can promise you, without the "help" Yummie Tummie leggings provide, there's no way I could've worn it!  A funky scarf and Mary Janes and I felt like I was a kid again.  



Next, I went for a dressier monochromatic look; black is slimming to begin with, but from top to bottom it's one nice, continuous line.  I could've worn boots but I like a little color peeking out of my shoes.


Last, I was inspired by the ARTIC-FRICKIN'-TUNDRA that lies outside my cozy house–baby, it's COLD outside!  On a day temps dropped to single digits, I slipped on my Yummie Tummie leggings, surprisingly easily slid my jeans over them, and never got cold when I was running errands!  The leggings fit almost like second skin, so I didn't have the Abominable Snowman thing going on in spite of layers.  



Are you already a fan of Yummie Tummie?  What piece(s) do you have…or want for Christmas?  Do you have a pair or two of leggings?  How do you wear them?  I'd love to hear your fashion advice!


This post is part of a style series sponsored by Yummie Tummie and Clever Girls Collective. I received a complimentary pair of leggings, and compensation for writing the post. All of the views expressed in this post are my own.

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