Blissdom Badge for Speakers I am so ding-dang excited I'm having to restrain my fingers from typing THIS ENTIRE POST IN CAPS!  Out of the utmost concern and courtesy for those offended by screamy letters (and potentially excessive exclamation points), please consider…

My Top Five Reasons
I Can't Wait to Attend Blissdom 

[1]  Soul sistahs

One of my favorite unofficial events last year was our Blissdom prayer gathering.  Without any real plan but with the goal of tying our hearts together and encouraging one another by praying, it was a time of refreshment and remembering whose we are and who we are in Christ.  (It's all too easy to lose focus when you're at a blog conference; there are so many talented, "successful" bloggers, it's possible to feel defeated and "less than" and to believe a whole lot of lies).

Please make plans to join us this year and bring friends old and new!  We'll be praying from 7:00-7:30 am, so plan to come a little early and we'll have coffee and snacks waiting on you (thanks to Lindsey Nobles and her friends at Thomas Nelson). Heartfelt thanks to {in}courage for offering their Beach Party space for our use again!!

Since this isn't a Blissdom-sponsored event, will you help us out by doing two things?

  1. Enter your Twitter handle in the Linky below so we can get to know one another prior to the conference and prepare enough coffee and snacks; ~ and~
  2. Help us get the word out!  Post about the breakfast on your blog, Facebook or on Twitter (use the hashtag #BlissPrayer} and/or include a badge in your sidebar linking back to this post (you can select all from the box below and it'll provide the code).  

{Thanks to Dawn Camp for creating the darling buttons for our use; if you love the image as much as I do, it's from a gorgeous canvas available for purchase from DaySpring!}


[2]  Sharing the role of Lifestyle Community Leader with Sandy Coughlin

New this year, Blissdom organizers have created 20 Tribes/Niches with a host of Community Leaders to act as the go-to people within each group.  This is a brilliant and thoughtful addition to the conference, designed to encourage mentor relationships among bloggers before, during and after the conference.  Community Leaders are the point people to receive questions and offer advice, hugs…and chocolate when needed :).  
Immediately following the opening session, each tribe will meet at "their" table in the main ballroom (your niche table number will be projected on the screen);  this is when we'll meet one another, exchange business cards and Twitter handles, and have a quick Q & A if necessary.  
To say I'm thrilled to join Sandy as Lifestyle Community Leader is an understatement!  Blogging at The Reluctant Entertainer, Sandy is also the author of a gorgeous book that shares the same name.  If your blog is hard to define and you write a combination of lifestyle-related content– 
  • family
  • faith
  • marriage
  • parenting
  • entertaining and hospitality
  • personal interests (for me, in addition to the above, poetry, photography, friendship, important causes…)
  • stream of consciousness… 😉
…then we invite you to join our (almost non-) niche!  Though we wouldn't dare to say it's the best tribe, we think it's pretty doggone special!

[3]  The thrill and honor of leading a session
Along with presenter Hollee Temple and co-speakers Jennifer Doyle and Dawn Schnee, our official session title is:  "Longevity and Balance: The One Where the Old Timers Complain and Then Rally with a Vengeance; Disillusioned Newbies Welcome." 

After speaking with these ladies by conference call, I'm even more excited than EVAH.  We're four diverse personalities who'll explore some rarely discussed issues (balance, jealousy, success, addiction and competitiveness) doing our best to acknowledge those Big Elephants in the room.  
If you were even thinkin' about attending this session, let me give you a gentle push in our direction.  You'll definitely come away with newfound insights and inspiration.

* * * * * * * *
Whew!  This is getting long (imagine that!), so I'll continue with my next two points soon.  Stay tuned!  Remember to link your Twitter handle below if you're planning on coming to the Blissdom Prayer Coffee on Friday morning!!

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