I'm a blissfully happy snow bunny.  Creating a "Snow" category probably gives it away, but my ecstatic delight over the slightest hint of its arrival leaves no doubt.  My first White Christmas was arguably the best Christmas present I've ever had, and bonus–it was from God!

Tennessee Valley forecasts began predicting snow early last week for last night into today and though I tried to resist it, my hopes were high.  I'm pleased to report what most of you already know:  it snowed.  A lot.  The most I've seen since moving to Chattanooga 7 1/2 years ago.

Because the chance of precipitation was 100% (which really has nothing to do with "chance"), my kids made plans.  The boys went skiing with a friend and my daughter spent the night with her besties.  


I took advantage of the quiet time by catching up on some things around here, reading a delicious book and writing like a mad man, but I couldn't help it– eventually I had to go outside, even if it meant sledding by myself.  I never realized before how much more fun it is to play in the snow with other people; I guess I never had reason to think about it.

Anyways…here are a few of my favorite captures from the day, ending with proof my vanity has gone right out the window…

bird in the snow

Shot looking through my back door, I can't believe this turned out so well.


close up of bird in snow
And a little bit closer…


Australian Shepherd in the snow
From feathered friends to furry friends.  I love this picture of Aussie, even if she's looking at me like I'm crazy.


Dog looking through window
I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard someone clomping around my front porch; but it was just Barkley, our neighbor's pup, spying on me and offering no apology.


ruler measuring snow
I turned our house upside down looking for a ruler; the best I could manage was a sad little protractor.  We averaged about 6" in our yards, but some drifts were closer to a foot or more.  The snow IN my boots proves it!


house covered in snow

A view of our house from near the bottom of the driveway. 


trees covered in snow

I love how everything looks like it's dusted in sugar or frosted with vanilla icing.  No wonder I'm craving sweets!


just me
This one I call "Self Portrait and Dog."  I wasn't going to let a pesky little detail like no one being home to take my picture stop me from documenting proof that I had, in fact, sledded and wiped out.  Once…maybe twice…but who's counting?


Got links to snow pictures from your blog or Facebook?  Please share in comments, I'd love to see them!

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