In the same way "A kiss is a kiss and sometimes it's more," sometimes breakfast is breakfast and sometimes it's…

breakfast in bed

the beginning of good things to come…!

Husbands:  Having been married a loooong time when surprises are few and far between, I can say that it's the little things--a heartfelt, unexpected compliment, a bouquet of her favorite flowers (she won't care they came from the grocery store), or even breakfast in bed–that make a difference in the everyday of marriage. Surprise your wife with a little something special with no expectation for anything in return.  

(But you'll probably get "paybacks" anyway. 😉 )

Oh, and if you do decide to make her breakfast?  Brownie points earned for:

  • Finding a tray
  • Knowing what she likes to drink (in my case, since I'm complicated, I usually require more to drink than to eat…milk, OJ and coffee)
  • Including a napkin
  • Knowing and taking care of her quirks.

Move over, Dr. Ruth…I think you've got some competition…!


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