I love receiving Christmas cards.  

Tiny Prints Box with Elephant The ones that include a letter detailing The Wonderful Lives of the senders?  Well, if I'm honest, those are the ones I used to mock but now look most forward to. Having moved away from our hometown seven years ago and never living in the same town as family since I got married, Christmas cards are the avenue I travel to see family and friends (but mainly their children) grow up.

But I'm not so great at sending them.

The past two years I let the busyness of the holidays keep me from sending cards; well, that and (probably more so) uncooperative, picture-taking children–otherwise perfectly delightful and keepable–who make it sport to torture me while I try to capture a decent shot of the three of them AT THE SAME TIME!  Imagine that?

I started trying last Spring.

Anyways….enter Tiny Prints to my rescue.  

DSC_0395 I met their marketing associate, Jessica Rosenberg, at Type-A Mom Conference and she asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing their Christmas cards.  As implied, I didn't do what I needed to do in order to have Christmas cards made and mailed, but then it hit me–why not create a New Year's card to serve the same purpose?  

Jessica gave me the green light and I was thrilled with our result; with complete confidence, I've quickly become a Tiny Prints cheerleader for a host of reasons:

  • Excellent customer service.
  • A product line that includes greeting cards, birth announcements, party invitations and business cards.
  • Extensive design choice with personalization.
  • A fair price range, beginning with basic, economical choices to more elaborate designs.
  • The option on some of their designs to have cards addressed and mailed.  (I took advantage of this feature and the upside is now I have an online data base of addresses, easily accessed for future use.)
  • A unique URL where you can upload up to 50 additional photographs to share with your family and friends (The URL is imprinted on your cards!).

And, as a marketer to the core, I love their logo (a tiny elephant)…and especially the why of their logo:

(from their packaging)

The Tiny Prints elephant inspires us to help
transform life's little moments into lasting impressions.
 Because, you see, what we really believe is this:
 the tiny things are actually the big things in disguise.

(and, from their website)

He's big, yet gentle.
He's social and loves his family.
He trumpets when happy.
And most of all, he never forgets.

* * * * * *

Just in time for Valentine's Day, check out their promotions!


BIG thanks to Tiny Prints for taking tender loving care of my complimentary card order.  They earned high praise and whole-hearted endorsement from me, and although they didn't pay me extra to say nice things, I'm happy that's all I CAN say based on experience!



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