I was shocked one night to discover this on YouTube when I was searching for something else–

Meeting Pinki for the first time, the little girl from India I sponsor through Compassion International.  

It's was a beautiful, awkward, painful, heart-spinning moment, and I think all of that shows on my face.

I hadn't realized the video existed; maybe I was aware of it at the time, but it didn't register.  When I found it…and then played it…I was transported back to Kolkata with my Compassion Blogger team, and my spirit ached for a place that will forever hold slivers of my heart.  

There's so much I could say, but I'd rather you spend time ~

(It's probably helpful to know part of the awkwardness was due to pre-maturely meeting Pinki; the blogging team was "hiding" until the children were settled and she had to use the restroom.  But it was kinda magical–when our eyes met as she walked by, we "knew" each other and it was impossible not to meet apart from the other children and their sponsors.)


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