God loved the birds and invented trees.
Man loved the birds and invented cages.

~ Jacques Deval

On my way home today, I saw a leaf twirling in the center of the road.

Except it wasn't a leaf; it was a peculiar little bird spinning in circles.

Little bird in the street

I stopped and reversed to take a closer look.  Although I could see no visible injury, his eyes were closed and gritty.  This little fella was sick and maybe blind.

sick little bird

And twitchy…extremely twitchy.

Thankful my camera was still in my car, I reached for it to capture him–how often is a wild bird not likely to fly away when you approach?  

This little fella didn't have a chance if I left him where he was, so I searched my car to see if I had anything to wrap around him to relocate him to the grass.  Amazingly and wonderfully there was a pair of ratty gloves in the side of my door!  So I scooped him up…

Bird in hand


…took a closer look, and realized just how pitiful he was…


After gently placing him in the grass, I wondered…

bird in grass

Having cited foxes, coyotes and raccoons in our neighborhood, did he even stand a chance?  And as sick and confused as he seemed to be, would it have been kinder to just leave him in the street? 

And can Avian Influenza penetrate knit gloves???

p.s.  Thanks to my neighbor Abby for taking the pictures of me holding him…she came along at just the perfect time.

p.p.s.  Does anyone know what kind of bird he is?  At first I thought male cardinal but I'm not sure based on the shape of his head….


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