Since I returned from Nashville, I've been too occupied and felt too lousy to write a Blissdom recap.  Sooo, since it's been awhile since I've corralled some great links for ya, I thought now would be perfect timing to spotlight a few things on the internets.  Clickity-clack at your leisure ~ 

  • Waiting in My Wings ~ you will feel the weight, depth, anguish and beauty of her expectant wait.
  • If you've ever felt "less-then," a whisper of "Enough."
  • I might not have written about Blissdom, but Jo-Lynne shares dozens of recaps for those more timely than me.
  • Wild Olive Tees.  A mission and a passion, all while making a beautiful difference in the lives of others.
  • Bloom ~ (in)courage's new book club (founded by Jessica Turner and Angie Smith) features Ann Voskamp's newly published One Thousand Gifts.  If you're searching for an online book club, look no further!  (click images for more info on both, linked from my affiliate account)

Book club

  • Last but not least, I can't stop replaying the BEST Super Bowl commercial of the year all time.  There's a reason it's had over 12 million hits in less than a week…and the PR mastermind behind a) its inception and b) the decision to release it before the game is nothing short of brilliant.  

* * * * * * 

Your turn:  Two questions for you:  1) What is your favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time?  2)  What links/posts have you seen that I might've missed?  Do tell!


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