Do not regret growing older. 
It is a privilege denied to many. 

~Author Unknown

Love-Yourself-First-Then-Your-Fish-177x300 With all the fame and all the fortune associated with being a celebrity, I feel sorry for them; I cannot imagine living under the unforgiving and relentless microscope of public scrutiny.  Many have gone to extreme measures to look young, imagining them to be their magical Fountain of Youth.  Plastic surgery can turn back the clock, but some take it too far–thoughts of Kenny Rogers, Wayne Newton, Mary Tyler Moore, Joan Rivers and even Michael Jackson make me shudder! There are even sites devoted to celebrity plastic surgery disasters!

Our culture is youth- and beauty-oriented, and it’s impossible to avoid the bombardment of grocery store aisle magazine covers and mall images, isn’t it?  So what can you do?

I can’t begin to solve that kind of world hunger issue for you, but here are two thoughts that might help:

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