It just occurred to me how cloning exists beyond Dolly the Sheep–in the Land of Blogs!  It's the only place I've been able to exist in two places–or more!–at the same time!  

Take today, for example.  Over at (in)courage I'm contemplating how to love one another Mrs. Anthony, never one to let a learning opportunity pass, brought her classroom to life with applications that made indelible impression.  Arguably the best second grade teacher of all time, she wasn’t interested in teaching us only reading, writing and ‘rithmetic, she made sure we learnedimportant things ~

  • using good manners
  • respecting authority
  • living the Golden Rule by treating others the way we wished to be treated

Nearly 40 years later, the mere mention of her name floods my heart with sunny, affectionate memories….

Like when we glued and glittered, doilied and stickered Valentine shoeboxes to collect the cards we exchanged.  Her directive was simple and no one even considered disobeying–-

{PLEASE click to learn Mrs. Anthony's directive & finish reading "Love is a Verb!"}

And over at Connect I'm talking about beautiful music, messages and more

Giving birth to a daughter made me acutely aware of the messages I send to her, both verbal and non-verbal.  I desperately wanted her to have a healthy body image and not fall prey to the relentless cues by our culture that focus on superficial externals–flawless skin, couture fashion, model-thin–especially since most of what we see is airbrushed perfection.

Dove-campaign-real-beauty-women It wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest most women in our country struggle with body image. We can’t open a magazine, step foot into a mall, or walk through a grocery store aisle without seeing dozens of beautiful faces staring back at us, their age-defying bodies taunting us.

It’s just not fair…but mostly it isn’t realistic!

{Please continue reading "Beautiful music, beautiful message" for important ways to affirm the inner beauty of your daughters.}

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