A collection of links I love, sites I like, interesting reads or cool happenings nearby.

Dream {Expressing the Vision Within} ~ This isn't a typical post about "dreaming big;" it's the kind that makes you wanna do what she did….  I love-love-LOVE this one from Stephanie Bryant.

Borealis Press ~ I have a mad crush on this greeting card line; I wanna buy 'em all!

Vidalia ~ My friend Dawn is a mama of eight and she can tell a story in a hurry; this one made me giggle.  Plus, I love the piccha.

Some Advice On How Best To Communicate With Irrational People ~ Shaun Groves offers sage advice in the Guinness Book record holder for Shortest Blogpost of All Time.

Paula Deen Riding Things ~ Ummm, this is exactly what it suggests it is.  Thanks to my BFF Paula's not-so-baby-boy Jamie for passing along the link.  

Chattanooga Business Expo ~ Coming up next Wednesday, March 16, if you're in the area be sure to attend the Scenic City's only business trade show of the year.  Check out this helpful guide by Business Chatt.

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Your turn:  Why not share your favorite link from the week, even if it's a post of your own.  Especially if it's a post of your own!!


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